Pregnancy and Chiropractic

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Please don’t suffer through your pregnancy with back pain, headaches, leg pains, etc.  Despite what you may have heard from your mom, your aunts, your cousins, these are not “normal” symptoms of being pregnant.  Regular chiropractic care during your pregnancy has been shown to alleviate or greatly relieve most of these aggravations so that you can enjoy your pregnancy, not just suffer through it unnecessarily. A chiropractor is trained to understand the mechanical and physical aspects of what may be causing unnecessary pain or discomfort during your pregnancy, and getting adjusted while pregnant is completely safe.  Chiropractors are trained to alter their regular treatment as needed during pregnancy, following surgery, or when other conditions warrant it.  Dr. Carr has a chiropractic adjusting table specifically designed for treating women who are…
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Whole Body Vibration

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While machines that vibrate, massage, or otherwise shake the body have been around for years, I have generally avoided looking into them. I was biased by the black and white TV images of my youth of individuals standing with belts wrapped around their belly, shaking them to lose weight. So years later, when I would see all these fancy vibration machines being displayed at seminars and conventions, I let that early bias prevent me from investigating their benefits. That is until I was at a seminar where a colleague, whom I respected, was one of the speakers of an afternoon session, talking about vibration therapy. He talked about mechan-oreceptor stimulation, neurol-ogical reinte-gration, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, improved blood flow and circulation, and a lot of other principles that I deal…
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