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Strengthening and balancing our body and Immune System, our only real defense against dis-ease! Here is our consolidation of the most helpful suggestions we have found.  GET ENOUGH SLEEP in a dark room (best for melatonin production) WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP often, for at least 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer only if soap is not available. (Antibacterial gels can disrupt the natural healthy protective bacteria on your hands.) AVOID REFINED SUGARS (It can depress the immune system for hours).  Also avoid processed foods.  EAT ORGANIC vegetables and fruit (especially these 12 which have the highest pesticides,) meat, chicken, fish, eggs, raw nuts, seeds, whole grains, good fats (including organic butter), etc. For more info go to GET ADJUSTED!  It decreases stress on your nervous system, helping the…
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Sleep Better

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A while ago we posted about getting your best sleep and we had some great tips for getting a better nights sleep, I'm going to reiterate a few of those. Don't eat or drink 2 hours before bedtime, your body will remain in active digestion mode and and you may get woken up earlier than you intended to go to the bathroom. Get adjusted! We have frequently found that getting stress off the nervous system helps a person relax better, especially with kids. Listen to white noise or relaxation CD’s before bed. Yoga can also help you relax and wind down before resting your head on the pillow. Avoid watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet before bed. If you have a TV in your bedroom take it out.…
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Websites to help you on the Road to Healthy Living

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We have a few websites that we go to often as a reference for better living. We'd like to share those websites with you: Dr. Carr is a member of  the American Chiropractic Association. They bring the latest information  in Chiropractic  news and techniques. Their  website is filled with hundreds of articles to help patients in their quest for better health. Yoga Today is there to make the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime.  Yoga brings health, happiness and a knowing of peace to the human body and spirit. Choosing yoga as a lifestyle in our accelerating, fast-paced world affords you the opportunity to slow down and reflect. Check out the yoga today website to watch their free weekly yoga workout and to see what else…
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Whole Body Vibration

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While machines that vibrate, massage, or otherwise shake the body have been around for years, I have generally avoided looking into them. I was biased by the black and white TV images of my youth of individuals standing with belts wrapped around their belly, shaking them to lose weight. So years later, when I would see all these fancy vibration machines being displayed at seminars and conventions, I let that early bias prevent me from investigating their benefits. That is until I was at a seminar where a colleague, whom I respected, was one of the speakers of an afternoon session, talking about vibration therapy. He talked about mechan-oreceptor stimulation, neurol-ogical reinte-gration, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, improved blood flow and circulation, and a lot of other principles that I deal…
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The Flu Shot vs. Vitamin D

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With the upcoming cold and flu season fast approaching, there is an increased amount of talk about the need to get a flu shot. Before you get one, you may want to consider the following facts. According to a CDC report the flu shot on average is 70% effective. Those odds seem pretty good if you are worried about getting the flu. The flu shot does have some downsides; there are the possible side effects and the adverse ingredients in the shot that can be harmful to your health and wellbeing. So, what if there was a better, all natural choice to the flu shot? Over the last ten years there have been a vast amount of studies done about the importance of vitamin D to the immune system. When…
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