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Fish is the best food source of Omega-3 fatty acids. But due to concerns about toxins such as mercury in certain types of fish; a purified fish oil supplement is the safest way to get your Omega-3s.Omega-3s are part of the essential fatty acids (or EFA’s) your body must have for good health. Our bodies don’t produce EFA’s naturally, so they must come from outside sources like the food you eat and the supplements you take.The most powerful Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are EPA and DHA. These two fatty acids work together, however each fatty acid has unique benefits. EPA reduces inflammation, improves cardiovascular and circulatory health, and is beneficial for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. DHA is crucial for brain, nerve, and eye cells, and benefits cognition,…
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1. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids: DHA/EPA (fish oil based) is preferred, but a flax seed source is good as well. 1000mg-4000mg a day. 2. Antioxidants: The best known of the antioxidants are vitamins C, E, and A. Others, such as copper, manganese, selenium, and the amino acids cysteine and methionine assist the body’s own antioxidants, like superoxide dismutase (SOD). 3. Ice: 1 -4 times/day, 10-20 minutes each time. Avoid heat especially in the first 72 hours after injury. 4. Breathing Exercises: In nose 7 seconds, hold 8 seconds, out mouth 4 seconds. 4 in a row, 4 times a day. 5. Increase aerobic fitness: walking (20 minutes 4-5 times a week). Preferred to allow arms to stride as well. 6. Reduce trans-fatty acids (hydrogenated vegetable oil): they are pro-inflammatory…
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Fish Oil and Its Anti-Inflammatory Effect

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Hey, its me Liz! I wanted to tell you about my experience using fish oil as an anti-inflammatory. I have heard about the importance of taking fish oil for a long time and in July of 2010 I started to take Nordic Naturals Pro-Omegafish oil for overall health and wellness. In September of 2010 I heard about the effect that Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acids) can have on acute and chronic inflammation and I decided to try it out on an old problem I had. I have had chronic shoulder pain for the last 7 years; I wish I had a cool story to tell about how the pain started like I got tackled just as I threw the winning pass in a football game, or I injuried it saving a child…
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Ask Dr. Judi: Preventing and Treating the Flu and Other Viruses Naturally

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Dr. Judith Moore is a truly remarkable woman, and an extremely talented Holistic and Integrative Medicine physician. I wanted to share this great article she wrote about preventing illness.  So many times we don't take the responsibility for our own health, but there are so many things that we can do to help our immune system stay strong throughout the cold and flu season. Also, a reminder that Chiropractic adjustments keep your body functioning at its highest possible level.  Studies have shown that those under regular chiropractic care get sick less frequently than those who are not under regular care.
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