Websites to help you on the Road to Healthy Living

We have a few websites that we go to often as a reference for better living. We’d like to share those websites with you:


Dr. Carr is a member of  the American Chiropractic Association. They bring the latest information  in Chiropractic  news and techniques. Their  website is filled with hundreds of articles to help patients in their quest for better health.

Yoga-TodayYoga Today is there to make the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime.  Yoga brings health, happiness and a knowing of peace to the human body and spirit.
Choosing yoga as a lifestyle in our accelerating, fast-paced world affords you the opportunity to slow down and reflect. Check out the yoga today website to watch their free weekly yoga workout and to see what else the site has to offer.

mercolaDr. Joseph Mercola, D.O. produces one of the biggest and best researched natural health care sites on the web. His website offers information on stress, heart disease, immunizations, cancer, the safety of your drinking water and many more topics of health, to long to list.