Whole Body Vibration

While machines that vibrate, massage, or otherwise shake the body have been around for years, I have generally avoided looking into them. I was biased by the black and white TV images of my youth of individuals standing with belts wrapped around their belly, shaking them to lose weight.
So years later, when I would see all these fancy vibration machines being displayed at seminars and conventions, I let that early bias prevent me from investigating their benefits. That is until I was at a seminar where a colleague, whom I respected, was one of the speakers of an afternoon session, talking about vibration therapy.
He talked about mechan-oreceptor stimulation, neurol-ogical reinte-gration, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, improved blood flow and circulation, and a lot of other principles that I deal with as a doctor of chiropractic, every minute of every day with every patient.
My initial interest with the vibration machine was to stimulate mechanoreceptors (nerve endings in tissue that sen-se movement, tension, stretch, etc) after an adjustment to help the body retrain or “reset” its postural tone. This way the processes and benefits from the treatment are integrated to a higher degree. This is why I frequently have patients walk after an adjustment. It helps the muscles and nerves “learn” the correction better.
I went out to the exhibit area, did a “demo” with the doctor, and started asking a lot of questions. Vicki (the owner of the company) came up and asked where I practiced. When I told her Orem, she said she was in Provo, where the Life TimeVibe was manufactured, and would be glad to bring one to my office so I could try it for a couple of weeks. Then she would come by and answer any questions.


Vicky brought the machine over the next week and I took it home to play and got an education. The most impressive think I learned was it helped the pain in my knee.
I had arthroscopic surgery about 4-5 years ago to “repair” a torn meniscus. The surgery was a temporary help in that it gave me a few years of decreased pain. But I have had increasing pain again in my knee the last 3-4 months because of continued stress on it as I stand and twist while treating patients. I was beginning to look for some alternative possibilities so that I wouldn’t have to again “go under the knife”.
I realized that while there was a definite benefit to having the Lifetime Vibe in the office to help patients reset and retrain their neuromuscular system immediately after the treat-ment, an-other real benefit would be hav-ing it at home, where it could be used pers-onally, like I had used it: short periods of time to meet specific needs as desired.

So when Vicki came back after ten days and asked if I had any questions, I said “Just one: Cash, check or credit card”.

Using the machine at the office is very beneficial patients as they benefit from the many aspects of post-adjustment retraining (ten minutes on the Lifetime Vibe has been estimated to be neurologically equal to an hour of walking). But having it at home was empowering, allowing me to take control of multiple “problems” at my convenience. So if you find yourself wanting the benefits of this amazing machine let me know. I’ll be glad to demonstrate it for you, answer any questions, and if you’re seriously considering getting one from us, even let you try it at your home for a week. But be aware. Once you have experienced it, you too will be in the same dilemma: Where will it best fit in my house and Cash, Check or Credit Card?

Dr Carr Lifetime Vibe


A Therapy Session in our office is only $10…. think of the lasting benefits you can receive.

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